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Physical and Technical Survey

A comprehensive questionnaire covering the physical dimensions, front of house facilities, auditorium formats, stage dimensions, lighting, sound and rigging facilities, controls, dressing-rooms, get-ins, access, as well as management details of each venue to be surveyed was prepared by Maurice Power, Theatre Consultant.

Some 100 venues, North and South, were identified for detailed survey - these were either in receipt of annual funding from either Council, or were venues regularly receiving Council-funded productions.

Some 133 other venues occasionally visited by grant-aided production companies, or used by local arts officers promoting events in their areas, or by other local and voluntary groups, were noted, but the information gathered was not as extensive.

The detailed survey was carried out by John Riddell, Theatre and Production Assistant. It will be a valuable resource for production companies, touring managers, and venue managements planning to tour productions throughout Ireland, whether they are based in Ireland or overseas.

In May 2002, the Council sent survey questionnaires to some 15 additional venues. This information will be posted on the website when it has been received from the venues concerned.